february 7, 2010

beverages purchased, launch postponed
february 7 (4:45am)
9 found empty styrofoam coffee cups, STS-130 launch complex lighting, 2/7/2010 scrubbed launch attempt
Space View Park, Titusville, FL
collaboration with dan white

We drove up to Titusville (2.5 hours from the Bonar Family Residency Housing Area) with only a few hours notice, in hopes of seeing the last ever night launch of a space-shuttle mission, at 4:39am. At 4:29am, we (and about half the crowd) get a text announcing the mission was “scrubbed for bad weather” and postponed to monday night, 4:45am.  I wish I had pictures of the crowds before the announcement — I could’ve called it a “deinstallation of people” with the way that everyone just packed up and left, almost instantly. A man who had been listening to a wireless radio packed up first: turned off his radio, folded up his chair and turned to weave through the crowds still waiting for the launch. Within really about 10 minutes the place was completely open. This blanket which had held sleeping kids seemed to be the only thing still waiting for the launch.

Dan and I collected the left-behind coffee cups. The picture is in front of the Indian River and the lights illuminating the STS-130 (shuttle & attached rockets). I liked the way this installation really seems to capture the whole evening — leaving my house at 12:30, driving up there (me asleep for this portion), wrapping up in blankets (because Florida had suddenly turned cold), getting a good spot, and then suddenly getting the best spot in the house only lacking a launch, and then driving home into the sunrise. When I stopped at McDonalds to get coffee, I was amazed at all the families and people starting their normal days when I was so ready for my day to end.

p.s. this entry’s official space-vocabulary supplied by dan white.


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