february 20, 2010

From Bones through to Skin
february 20
5 former seltzer bottles-turned yoga waterbottles, each freshly washed and re-filled
kitchen counter
collaboration with Jeff Bonar

This piece really is a lot more than just 5 waterbottles. I promise you. This is about futures, future (and current) healthy bodies, future new energy and blood rushing around our bodies, it’s about hott pink yoga outfits, and about showing all those yoga hotties that even old dudes can do a mean half-bow pose. it’s about dads inspiring their daughters to go to this stupid yoga class a billion times a week and make some mega muscles even though it feels bougie and silly to say, “I’m going to yoga now”.

Not pictured: the soap that almost got into the waterbottles 3 times while Dad was filling them because of my careless washing of the dishes; the cupcake we ate afterwards (eaten with the bottom flipped on top of the icing so you can hold it like a sandwich). This water will help us to “de-toxify” that cupcake tomorrow. or something.

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