“Living with an Artist, in a (randomly changing) Art Installation”

FEBRUARY 20, 2010

What’s it like to be living in a Bonar Family Residency Program?
Well, you never know what you’re going to find. There was the morning where I woke up and I was going to make myself some oatmeal. I opened up the cabinet, and it was early in the morning, it was dark, and I thought, “Oh my god, there’s an insect infestation!” And then I thought, “No, insects couldn’t do that overnight.” And then I thought, “It’s soap! There’s a leak from the washing machine! But, this is no where near the washing machine!” And then, “Oh, right, this must be a goddamn installation.”
Then there was that weird girl in the refrigerator. “What’s this doing here?” At first I thought it was something like Mom was going to loose weight by inspiring herself by looking at this skinny girl. But then I realized, oh no I bet this is an installation.
What’s it like living with an artist?
You mean someone who feels like they have to wait to go out to dinner because they have to go in a box in the pool and then demand to have photographs taken of that?
It’s completely normal. And upsetting. The artistic imperative… she’s so driven! When she has to get her installation done, its like everything else, no matter how hungry I am, takes a back seat.
What do you notice about your environments?
I’m present to the randomness. Half-done projects, or the leftovers from projects being left around in places. I really like the origami birds in your bathroom, but that’s something that took a lot of time. And  that’s not something that you just do everywhere. I could be up for more of that around the house. But these quick-shot installations aren’t doing the same.
What would you like to see more of in the future?
I would definitely see more installations. I think you should do some outdoor pieces. Because we could use some outdoor stuff.
How would you feel about disruptive art installations?
What do you mean disruptive? Like, rip up the couch?
Like, move everything to where they don’t usually go. I remember when I came home and I moved a chair one foot over from where it normally went, and you and Mom both noticed and were very flustered.
No. We’re too old for that. You can disrupt your room. Or Sam’s room.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Edible art. You could have disruptive edible art.
So I could smear hummus all over the couch?
No. No, not that disruptive.
Ok great! Thank you.

One comment

  1. Dan

    The rapport in this gleams- I laughed out loud at:
    “No. We’re too old for that.”

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