conclusions: february 2010

I really enjoyed this project. It gave each day an assignment, and I was constantly searching for installations or interesting combinations or pieces or shapes or things. This year featured a predominance of sparkles, and sequins. hmm. Also a lot of things I wouldn’t necessarily call “art”.

I guess that’s where I’m still figuring this all out. I do believe that there are art installations and art pieces and art makers all around us. That everything we place in a certain way is important and tells a story and reveals a character and can be aesthetically beautiful. But I also believe in bad art. I think that some things I make are dumb. Or boring. I also am quite judgmental of other art. Especially when it claims to be community driven (what a hypocritical jerk I am).

I’m drawn to certain aesthetics and certain ideas. I like the ideas of larger worlds being encompassed by smaller worlds. I like the idea of collections of things reflecting our larger world collection of things.

Now I’m getting a bit far off I guess.

Point is that this really pushed me to keep creating and looking and documenting my life, even when I think it’s boring or stupid or that I don’t know what I’m doing here or that I’m lonely. I’m interested in how the daily things I do or tell myself or present in my environments are actually residues of me and my life, and are art in themselves. And I think the idea of my past-selves’ residues is all over this residency program. In fact, that’s really what gives it it’s juice.

I’m working on a Academic Paper about the Bonar Family Residency Program, outlining my proposed theories and thesis regarding this type of work. It’s going to be a part of my friend Mary Rothlisberger’s zine for the Palouse Palouse Press, presenting at Open Engagement this May (the conference which all the cool kids and their community-art-moms are going to….). This goes really nicely with my ongoing evolving performance as a Professional Business Lady.

This is the conclusion of the Installation-A-Day, February 2010 project. I brought back a bottle of Pacific Ocean from the west coast (after pouring out the Atlantic Ocean I had brought over), and then poured it into the Atlantic Ocean back here close to home.


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