palouse palouse press (Standard Copyright License), April 30, 2010, English, 172 pages, full color, Perfect-bound Paperback, 0.88 lbs., 5.0 wide x 8.0 tall.

**click on the image and you can see both my zine in the (page 4) table of contents (and the zines of the incredible Kirsten Bauer, Amber Phelps-Bonderoff, and Mary Rothlisberger) and the first few BEAUTIFUL pages of the zine featuring Meadow Starts with a P.

thank you thank you to ms. mary rothlisberger for pioneering this effort and corralling these incredible artists into one, home-grown beautiful book.

A zine I made about the Bonar Family Residency Program (including a Very Academic Paper about the residency, photos, 3 Appendicies, and Further Reading sections) is in this book! published, in real-life full color book-pages!!

This book will be presented as part of the palouse palouse press in the upcoming Open Engagement Conference in Portland, OR!!! OMG, this is basically going to be the most incredible conglomeration of Powerful Incredible Ladies who have been my friends, mentors, and incredible inspirations in my art-making and friend-making careers. I am so thankful to have you all in my life, and so so so excited to parade and gallivant and peruse and conquer Portland and Art and Conferences and Friendships.


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