beached oil vs. wildlife reserves

I wanted to spend some time tonight doing some real research about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill off the Gulf Coast. and educating myself about the whole situation so i could be an educated and contributing citizen. And then I even planned that I was going to make some awesome photoshop-collaged-composite image about the oil spill and coastlines and cars and oil and something. And that was going to be the really great visual that would entice you to read this post.

But now of course it’s late. So here is my abridged self-education session:

  • The oil spill is pretty bad, but not as bad as previous oil spills/ mistakes we’ve made around oil spilling. The weather is also helping it not become a worse situation. Still, the original incident killed 11 people, and is spilling about 200,000 gallons of oil every day. BP is now putting a 4 story 98 ton concrete dome over the spill to siphon off the oil into tubes instead of the Gulf. NYTimes.
  • Fox News Poll: 60 Percent Still Favor Offshore Drilling After Spill. basically what it sounds like.
  • Who’s gonna pay for the clean up after it gets above $75 million dollars — the cap that is part of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. BUT, what about the economic damages to the fisheries, and businesses and families that will suffer from the effects of this spill? Fox News.
  • A very effective and clear analysis of different methods available for cleaning up the oil spill and what’s happening now. BBC News.
  • this is kinda scary, especially since it’s way past may 2??

hmm. all this leads me to thinking that I got really jaded after the 2008 election and now I can’t read anything without assuming it’s totally jaded and false, or that I actually don’t know anything because everything I hear must be lies. Maybe that’s a little true, or at least the part about it all being biased. But I do feel better about being a world citizen, and at least a citizen of the south and coastal region, knowing more about this incident and history.


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