mothers are the best

I want to publicly to the world and the internet and my valued readers and facebook acknowledge my mother who is an incredible stand for me to be an amazing person, and to bust through whatever bull I put up as reasons why I should be small. My mother is committed to a world where everyone has communication and freedom and love in their lives, and I get so much from being around that power house of a lady. I am so certain that I am where I am today because of the way she has empowered me, encouraged me, loved me, and especially when she told it to me straight when things weren’t going so great. Thank you mom for being in my life in such a huge huge way.

I also want to acknowledge to the world how my mom has successfully completed part 1 of her weight loss plan!! Mom, each time you ate a boring lack-luster meal, or watched me eat some ice cream, or were tempted when sending sam a care-package, you stood strong to your commitment and it shows! congratulations to stepping into your new body!!

love love love



One comment

  1. nanci (mom)

    I love you – you are the best! You are a blessing!!! (and Sam is too!!). I am blessed to have such wonderful kids – and I love the acknowledgement!

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