dance away the 2010s

tonight was the first time i’ve been to a show/concert/dance party for a while and it was so lovely. i’m here in greensboro, nc, on a pit stop on my way to the Open Engagement Conference in portland, or, this weekend (leaving thursday). While I’m here I got to see my boys Dan and Anthony (Spacecamp 93), former elsewherians all of us, open for Glitch Mob, who are kinda a big deal. I’ve never had so much electronica all in one night but it was great — all the dubstep just blended all together into a big mush like walking through electronic water and drunk people and somehow it all makes you want to dance?

Dan and Anthony played great and it was so fun to watch them play. They play a lot of local shows, and so when I was living here we would see them a lot and I got used to watching them bounce in and out of the beats and twist all the little knobs and do weird handmotions to each other to signal whatever needed to be done next. Anyways, I really had forgotten how much fun it is just to watch them play. I still don’t understand how turning all the knobs and pressing buttons makes coherent noises. I still have my somewhat unsuccessful attempt at being an electronic artist — when I played the non-audible Snanglespuff machine at David Mansfield’s Birthday Party in 2008. I pressed and turned all the knobs but no sounds came out. I think the only documentation of that performance are these pictures: and this over-caffeinated blog post.

I guess that makes no sense if you weren’t there for that event. Oh well.

Point is Aliya made sure to schedule in funtime not just businesstime.

Then, of course, the evening ended with an Impulse Buy Trip to the 24 hour Grocery Store, thanks to the North Carolina Government. Thank you for the perogies, V8 Fusion! canned biscuits, cheese, Super Green Goodness Juice, cheesy bread, and frozen dumplings. yesssssssss.

sweet dreams! goodnight!


p.s. this is weird!!


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