in chronological order

  • 5:45am: wondering where I am, and what time it could possibly be. Waking up. Going back to sleep.
  • business: website organizing and uploading
  • messing up my makeup with tears
  • being given an amazing map from my amazing host
  • following that map to mocha mud
  • incompetent copy-shop people who can’t print out my important business lady business cards
  • garden-sausage jack-cheese only sour cream on the side please western breakfast burrito brunch with north carolina friend and with d.c. friends of the north carolina friend, people originally from maine, but currently living in oregon. or maybe california.
  • the weather finally catching up with florida and creeping above 75 degrees. outfit change to the much cuter (much more portland ready) jumper skirt.
  • meeting more friends of friends!
  • taking photobooth pictures with natalie!!
  • handing out many many etsy business cards based on compliments on my shark earrings. thank you liam and skye.
  • walk forever to the most southern eastern part of the PSU campus, only to find that I didn’t really need a stamp today. feel pretty hardcore having the stamp on the inside of my wrist. “Open Engagement” — looks really nice.
  • sat in a coffee shop for 4 hours on skype to florida to attend the classroom for my landmark education communication program! was elected the team leader for the spring quarter!!! holy moly!! really excited for this training as a team leader and a organizer and motivator and person who can actually produce real results in my life and others.
  • fell while rushing to the bus, and TWO people came to my rescue, offering a hand to help me up. omg this place is so friendly.
  • expertly got off the bus at the correct stop and walked to the table-on-the-street potluck between the two houses where we are all staying. Reunions, new friends, salads, coleslaw, quinoa, chocolate cake, beer.
  • could not believe how lovely it was to be with mary, amber, eliza, and new friends lauren and hannah all at once. oh my goodness it was so perfect. it rang true.
  • exchanging of art-project literature and patches and gifts.
  • surgery operation to remove head-stitches utilizing two lamps, a pair of tweezers and debatably sharp scissors. we all feel queezy afterwards.
  • adventure to “north” to meet long-not-seen high school friend meg. drink alaskan but not actually from alaska beer and talk about florida a lot.
  • make a nest with two lovely short ladies in a pull out bed next to a psychedelic fabric wall mural featuring a deer.
  • blog while mary reads from “the wind in the willows” next to me.

goodnight friends. a lovely day on the west coast, a place that feels so far away but also so friendly with this many amazing people surrounding me.

tomorrow: cast reel.  somehow, i have agreed to wake up at 6:45am to cook a wild foraged breakfast which may or may not include elk or eel?? I think it will actually be more like 7:30 for me really. but we’ll see. these ladies could convince me to do anything.


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