i bet they social practiced it up their butts.

that might be what happened to my waterbottle i left in the art building. according to miss amber phelps-bonderoff.

so tired. don’t want to blog. and all my pictures turned out like crap so suck it up and read the words i write instead. sorry.

day 1 of the conference! holy crap! such a packed day!

  • 7am: “Aliya! We’re going on a long walk and then going to have a magical breakfast and go on an adventure!” not so sure about this, but they manage to wake me up.
  • worry about money and food all day. resolve to not worry tomorrow and to go with the flow, plan my eating but not freak out about it aliya. geeze.
  • despite worrying, enjoy a delicious ginger buckwheat pancake with maple syrup. mmmmmm.
  • run into friend cyrus smith!! he looks so handsome with his beard shaved.
  • wild food cook-of: omg! eliza and amber totally OWNED this competition with their steamed/buttered plantain leaves (not the banana-like things but more like leaks/grass?), sweet wild rice/salmon berries pilaf, and wild nettles spanakopita!! holy guacamole! They beat out the asparagus ice cream, wild herbs sodas, and the nutria (i.e. road kill) chili!! AWESOME!!
  • hear the magical mark dion talk: he is one of the featured speakers of the conference. it was an ok talk. good intro to his work. but sorta felt like he wasn’t introducing anything new, or that he was giving this talk out of obligation? unsure. he used a slide projector. it’s almost becoming such that you can’t use one of those without intentionally or ironically doing it. I mean, come on artist person, you gotta know that your presentation method/means is just as important as your work.
  • went to another panel on “ethical implications of social art” which was interesting but also disjointed because so many panelists for 15 minutes each. no real discussion.
  • went with amber to “If It Ain’t Broke…” where she had her heart examined as a broken object. it was a long diagnosis and it was kinda fun — a 2  hour conversation between the two artists, myself, amber, and hanna. I got frustrated at some of the more vague/non specific descriptions of the idea of being “broken” or “heart broken” or just “sad” in general. But I also have a hard time with some stuff like that sometimes because as much as I like to make generalizations about worldkind and humanity and people, I still get uneasy making those. And, I kept feeling like we were forgetting that a heart is not like a table, and it doesn’t actually break in the same ways.
  • went to a delicious dinner with an ever growing group of new friends. chocolate beer awesome (kerianne, remember when i thought that stuff was so gross we had to add chocolate syrup to it? yep. drink my own cup without any syrup this time. i’m a real big girl now.)
  • conducted an impromptu performance in the MAX light rail car: “Let’s Be Friends (the public transportation version)”. I thanked everyone for attending the show/rail car, and then invited them to be my friends. I handed out business cards, and I hope to see you all on the internet. You are probably all reading this right now. because it was such an effective performance.
  • went to art-people trivia night! found out about all these cool structures around the country/world people have set up to fund art projects! like, sunday soup project!! sam! go to these cool things in chicago already! geeze.
  • we sucked at trivia. the first round was all questions about basketball and some other sports thing, and science fiction (“alien”? who even watched that movie), and bill clinton’s half brother or something. the next round we did better with some off the wall guesses – steve martin, france, kansas, giraffes. our answer of 60 minutes did not win emmys 39 seasons in a row unfortunately though.
  • time now for sleeping and recharging for another full day tomorrow. i’ll take more pictures for realz.


  1. Kerianne

    Haha, I feel like I’ve seen you put a lot of different things in beer to make it taste better. It’s still weird you here you talking about drinking it straight. I guess I’ll have to start planning your beer tour of Chicago…

  2. Kerianne

    Hmm, ignore the weird grammatical errors of my first comment. That’s what I get for trying to comment before 7 am…

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