capacity building

I really love This American Life (as many of you know) but this week’s (or maybe it was last weeks?) show really hit home a lot of really great points.

Island Time

I am specifically pointing to Act 1 and Act 2 (the first 35 minutes of the show) which really look at “capacity building” — like building community but in more economic, cause effect, measurable, scientific terms. It lays out different reasons why capacity building is really what we need, and also how it’s slow, inefficient, and not immediately the solution to the problem.

This is basically what I am most interested in creating in the world. Capacity building — using art to empower individuals to take leadership around their lives and their communities and make a difference in addressing the issues that mean the most to them.

I have to keep giving up that this is not a real job and that somehow this is not as valid as a business degree.

To create this as a real reality, I’m taking on this summer applying to 2 “real” jobs every week, really, no matter how “busy” I feel like I am. I’m scheduling days into my week for applying to art jobs and making projects in my community, instead of just collecting potential jobs and potential projects. If I’m really serious about this, I gotta just keep applying. Right now, I’m letting “being scared” win.

Tomorrow, powerful courageous Aliya shows up with her clear, understandable Executive Summary.

Oh good, it’s raining. I like falling asleep to the Florida rain.

sweet dreams


p.s. you should probs def donate some moneyz to TAL. They tell real stories about real people that touch move and inspire so many.

p.p.s. made new friends today! in the neighborhood. i’m working on it.


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