last day of may huh.

so I guess this concludes Blog-A-Day-May!

It was fun, huh? Sometimes I felt like I didn’t have anything to say so maybe I was diluting the potency of this blog. But then I remembered that my readers were counting on me to produce a blog post every day in May. I couldn’t let you all down. (except I did a few days… whoops.)

tonight was supposed to be a great post about how I whipped up another great one-day-dress/shirt thing, but unfortunately I think I just produced the most labored over very bizarre most matronly boring shirt ever. Here I am thinking I’m edgy, contemporary, young, hip, but no. I just made a really boring shirt with some weird thing in the back. Darn.

I was hoping to have this chic new shirt to wear on my upcoming trip to Chicago — a city I’ve never been to! I’m going there for the 4th national weekend of the Landmark Education communications program I’m doing — team management leadership program. I’m really excited because these weekends are really fun — all the people in the program in North America all meet in one place and are a communication force to be reckoned with 900 people with beautiful yellow nametags. But this is also exciting because I get to see MY BROTHER! and, friends KERIANNE, and SERENA and JULIE (who’s driving out from new hampshire!). I hope I can see everyone and the city and be relaxed about it all instead of frantic about how to fit it all it. Whatever happens, it will be great aliya. Even staying at the Frat House…

May has been a great month. hott pink dresses, milagro center, beginnings and endings, turtles in pools, blog makeovers, haircuts, finally becoming summer, greensboro, sleepovers, portland, dance parties, reunions, art making, art discussing, new friends, stuffed animals for sale, probably the end of the gulf of mexico as we know it, being published & sequins.

I just had an idea to make my shirt less boring: sew plastic horses to it.

p.s. I think I am most skilled in List Making. Someone, please hire me to make beautiful lists for you.


One comment

  1. I could use a professional list maker….whats your fare? do you work for trade? How are your “long term lists” abilities?
    can you send me examples of your work?

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