you’re invited too!

come on down the street and let’s drink some sodas in the heat.

hopefully all the neighborhood hotties show up.

also upcoming: high school 5 year reunion? maybe? can’t decide if I’m lame if i go or what. all my friends who I’ve talked to have remarked about how silly it is or how they’re definitely NOT going. hmmm…. maybe I can bring them with, then we all feel less lame.

Also upcoming: Miracle Forts! at Milagro Center!

Also upcoming: West Coast Bonar/Friedman/Leher Family United! for dinner, for celebration, for Bubbie and Zaydie’s 60th anniversary, for love, for family. It’ll be almost as cute and awesome and together as we were here:

aliya, daniel, sam, michael, david

I can’t wait. I love my family.

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