the block party was a success!

my mom said, “I think I want to go see a movie tonight.” and I said, “MOM! tonight is the blockparty!” and she didn’t know. I guess I forgot to put an invitation flyer in her mailbox.

So we were running late as usual because I always try to fit in too many things into one day, and I wasn’t even sure if anyone was going to come to the blockparty. But I get home, whip up some fabulous Aliya Peanut Veggie Noodle Salad and then bam! our great neighbor Michael comes over! and then I check outside, and Maggie’s there, with three little kids and bubble shooters! and then Ed and Jody come over with pie! and then Kristen comes over with more little kids! there has not been so many barbies and coloring books in this house as there were today. And people just showed up and it was so easy and fun! I loved it! I even got to eat at the grown-ups table.

So even though it was a surprise blockparty in their house to my parents, and even though it looked rainy and i didn’t know if anyone was gonna show up, it was totally fun and a success!! I think my dad really enjoyed having someone else to show the goldfish to. he loves those fish. and so do 4-7 year olds.

Not success: USA’s battle against Ghana. sorry guys. bummer.

But here’s an awesome picture of horses to make us all feel better!!

they look so cool walking through the field! they are cool because they are friends. horse friends.


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