goin travellin

aliya here again, with an update as i head west, again.
(I’m like Travel Career Barbie! with all her accesories and outfits fitting into her cute carry-on suitcase!)

this time its for another residency at the West Coast Bonar Family Satellite Residency Program. Special occasion: Bubbie and Zaydie’s 60th anniversary!!! wow!! In honor of this special event, my whole (dad’s side) family is getting together – all families, cousins, great uncles, partners, everyone. Those who were not there before, are now coming. Those who did not want to see each other are now willing to be together.

I am so excited to honor and celebrate what my grandparents have created and made possible that has us all being such great people contributing so much to our worlds!


ft. lauderdale airport! look how FLORIDIAN this architecture is! This is part of my investigation into “Florida Architecture” — I know it when I see it, but I’m trying to figure out why. I think this shows how big everything built is in FL (many public buildings/highways I mean); the land is very open and flat so we build things big? Also, we like to drive around in airconditioned big cars? and there aren’t old little streets in the way that we have to build around, so why not make gigantic 6 lane highways? Also note, palm trees. obvi.

parking lot at work: is this a hint? whatevs– obvi i do my own detailing!! (also, sadly note how
COMPLETELY FADED! the lightning bolts/stripes have become in just 6 months! ridiculous.)

THE BEST DRESS EVER! but not in my size. or price range. at the vintage shop downtown! it’s like the cupcake dress, but upside-down and RED!!! next step: make my own.Taking care of the house before we leave: watering all the plants. I forgot how amazing our backyard smells. Kinda humid (yes it has a smell), kinda almost-rotting-fruit, and then lots of fresh leaves smell. Living in a tropical wonderland is really kinda amazing.
Most amazing, is our mango trees which are blooming now!! Starfruit in the winter, mangoes in the summer!! and in about a month… the pineapples will be ready! yes. really. (come visit)

delish! definitely not transporting these tropical fruits across state lines.

packing: usually my worst enemy. BUT i’m actually getting pretty good at it! I packed with only one slightly pathetic meltdown about what is appropriate shabbat wear. ended up only packing 1 last minute thrown in extra just-in-case outfit.
And look who’s moving west!! I realized too late that OF COURSE i shoulda brought TWO animals for an ANNIVERSARY GIFT, but oh well. i’ll have to send her partner in the mail after I get home.

A LIST: for plane and pre-departure things to remember and do and call.  (you know you were anxiously waiting to see it)

AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF FLYING OUT OF FLORIDA!! seeing my home state so brilliantly laid out in front of me!! no where else do you have the water and the coast as such a great reference tool!


LOOK AT THESE FREAKING CLOUDS (yes — that is the cloud’s shadow over the water)! beautiful.

the everglades are also my favorite part. i mean, i guess this isn’t my favorite part really, but it’s really interesting/weird/gross. I like the apparent control over nature — how we just drew a line and bam, people on this side, everglades on the other. heh heh heh, says nature. Just wait for some hurricanes.

OK, well, when I get to publish this I will be on my way to my cousins house for Shabbat! and then sam’s gonna join us later! I’m so excited to see them and hang out and do some jewish learning and but most excited for family time. in the past i’ve always gotten a little weird about being the only girl and feeling like I don’t know how to do it right or I don’t know all the rules or maybe I’m wearing the wrong thing. but! I’m just going to have fun and be a self assured young woman who knows exactly what to do and say –with some great things to contribute! Also probably upcoming: lots of questions about what I’m doing and do I have a job yet! yep! super fun!

have a good saturday!


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