Project Treehouse Demolition

Historic Day in the Bonar Family Residency.

Today we took down the walls of The Treehouse, an installation constructed cerca 2001. It was so great. The floor was still sturdy and holding strong, but the walls and roof had long ago given up. The tree was actually rejecting the walls, having already pushed one over. we got to just knock it down, hammer it up, throw shit around.

here is the treehouse as we began. the wall facing the camera was mostly pushed off already by the tree.

1. note the really delightful original murals created by myself and Ms. Tessa McGow. real gems. Actually, I think sam did the yellow and black one, and that’s kinda my favorite.

2. note the GIGANTIC PILE OF LEAVES. this was the most disgusting part of the whole thing. we were upsetting probably a year of carefully made bug nests. termites, cockroaches, ants, ugh they were just crawling up everywhere and it was so disgusting. ugh ugh ugh. I took it upon myself to sweep sweep sweep till they were flung off the side oh i’m getting itchy just writing about it. sorry bugs, but you gotta go.

Aliya’s 1st Installation: nail a bunch of crap to the wall. Still somewhat in line with what I do now, I guess. Best thing nailed to the wall: Sam’s old “Official Beanie Babies Club Membership Card”

also great: evidence of my first toothbrush art piece!

look, i’m doing real work. i was getting so down and dirty with those cockroaches it was ridiculous.

sam is so manly.

the roof goes flying off the roof!

right before we knock down the second wall.

At this point, it started raining -downpouring- epically. OH MAN, this must have been a tropical storm I think. it made the whole event MUCH MORE DRAMATIC. and fun. but also, less document-able. So, sorry, but you missed the really awesome Throwing of the Front Wall Off the Platform (where Aliya is very frightened but We Plan It Out So It Goes Great), the Bending the Side Wall Back And Forth Until It Breaks Off (Where Sam does some Weird Footwork Straddling from the Ladder) and the Awesome Removal of All Excess Nails By Everyone (in which the Bugs are Excommunicated from the Treehouse).

see that really small dot on my wrist? Yeah, that’s where I poked myself with a rusty nail. (HARDCORE)


WOOOO!!! note the bat-house made and added cerca 2003

the pile of all the walls out on the curb!! weird.


And now, we have a really great elevated platform! really, what I’ve learned from this is that the best treehouses don’t try to actually be little houses. that just doesn’t work. a house outside like that will never be rainproof, bug proof, or secure. I mean even big houses barely do that, especially in buggy, rainy, muggy, intensely powerful sunshine-y state Florida. I’m really excited to sit on this platform.


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