headline news: moving to Dallas!

POST SCRIPT: as of November 1, 2010, this isn’t happening anymore. see THIS post. sorry.


the next adventure has begun!

This outfit was made inspired by my random made up not based in reality ideas and images of Dallas:

this is the official notice that the Bonar Family Residency Program will be closing its doors the last week of October as the Residency Director and Resident completes her stay here and moves to Dallas! In Dallas she will be taking on the 1-year position as Community Art Coordinator for the organization buildingcommunityWORKSHOP. She will be looking at how to use art and community development to transform homelessness and stigmas around homelessness in Dallas Texas!

the finale of the South Florida Residency will include much sewing, making friends, eating delicious meals, collecting images for the photo book “Florida is a Feeling”, selling things, fixing the lightning-fast mobile, going to the beach, packing, make quilts, make websites (really!), make dresses, research Dallas, soak in the sunshine state.

more continued updates during the last month… for now enjoy this sneak peak photoshoot taken to list my clothes/sewn items on my amazing friend Eliza’s handmade garment line WANNAMAKE.

joshua the photographer!


One comment

  1. nanci (mom)

    I happened to look at your blog before I left California on the red eye. I thought it was time to announce the completion of this blog given you were going to Dallas. Then, much to my surprise – when I arrived on the east coast after flying all night, and got on the web and saw the tab I had left open – your blog was now updated with the news of Dallas!!!

    We just think alike – that is all! Love the pictures!

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