I’m A Pretty Big Deal in these parts.

If you didn’t get the Official Memo released by the National Council of Upcoming Amazing Community Based Artists who are Up To Something Big, one of my installations is going to be in an art show in November!

This show is curated by Kara Walker-Tome, a really amazing south Florida curator that I heard about from states away (an Elsewhere Board Member recommended I talk to her about a year ago) and from close by (an amazing Milagro Teacher — who’s also showing in the exhibition! — also recommended I talk to her). So I finally did! and here I am! I’m so excited to work with her. She says her father-in-law owns a laundry mat where she curated this totally fun performance piece a couple years ago — and that she was thinking that I’d be interested in installing a piece/performance there… um, yes!!

For some reason this feels like a really big deal. At the site visit, I realized that everyone was relating to me like a REAL. PROFESSIONAL. ARTIST. and they all loved me! and what I was up to! And talking about all the other projects I’ve done, people were visibly IMPRESSED. wow. I’m not bragging (too much), but the weirdest part was just realizing that I was really being professional about it all — and so that’s how they were relating to me. I’m being totally serious (about tents, made up stuffed animals, art in storage units, hot pink, glitter), so they are too. I love it.

I’m excited for the opportunity to make art work that is tactile and visual (addicted), but in a totally different context than to be put up in a gallery. If this were going to be in the biggest room in the Miami Art Museum, it’d be boring (ok, maybe not, cause the biggest room? I could make something SO BIG!!). but in this unusual setting, in the context of making art outside of the gallery walls, oh it’s exciting.

Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict I will be knee deep in a conference in Miami that night and will miss my own 1-night opening… but I’m making the piece interactive and requesting that the visitors leave a note and a story, so there will be something to come back to. It’s all going to be perfect.

sewing begins tomorrow! pictures soon.



  1. Hold the phone – do I misunderstand, or you are installing in a LAUNDROMAT? Why are you not emphasizing this more? Why, since it is pretty much the awesomest place to ever do an installation ever?

    And I love the new blog format, but it does make it hard to find the ‘Write a comment’ button. Not making excuses, just saying.

  2. Oh, and you’re awesome. But you knew that.

  3. Kerianne — yeaa!! we can compare in 5 years!
    Elizabeth — This show is in a STORAGE UNIT, not a laundry mat. the laundry mat is a possibility for the (near?) future. but very exciting none the less!!

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