hello friends!

halloween was delicious! full of all kinds of events! family friendly, PG-13, and cookies!

  1. Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Partykirsten brought cupcakes WITH SPRINKLES!!! fliers work, people!!maggie, kirsten, james, sophia, aliya, avery, jenny!i love when little girls decide that they have to write “I love you” all over your pumpkin. heart eyes inspired by sophia.we had to have a mean face to balance out the dorky heart-eyes face of the big guy.
  2. My Parents Are Super Cutemy dad was… cotton candy! and my mom was… belly dancer lady mask lady!! (the cotton candy costume was my design. thank you thank you) (they didn’t wear the costumes much past the car ride to their destination… oh well).the best!!!
  3. Dancing and Friends!! it was my going-away party! but im not going away yet. dancing had by all regardless! thank you lovely friends for planning this!
  4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!my halloween-night treat! followed by a tegan-and-sara inspired solo-dance party. next time you should be there to dance with me.

i miss you all, friends! come visit the Bonar Family Tropical Residency Program this winter. it’s really quite amazing. It will change your life. think about it.



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