alternative biographies

Aliya Bonar received her Bachelors of Arts in Installation Art and Community Organizing from Hampshire College.

She is looking for her next big project, and the amazing friends that are going to fill it up with wonderful. She hopes maybe you will be her next best friend, but you might not be cool enough, because she is also kinda an opinionated jerk. She is alternately a superhero business lady making amazing things happen and also a pathetic pile of tears worried that she won’t make a difference in the world.

She really craves hot dogs, especially with grilled onions and mustard and ketchup and cheese and beans? but every time she eats one she complains about her tummy hurting. Her comfort foods are brown rice and tofu stirfrys. She is forever terrified of being alone. The world is huge in her eyes. She knows she could make something of it all, but it feels really scary, she says.

when she says “goodnight” or “sweet dreams” she really means it. its like a little tiny present she is giving you and it is personal and yours and special.

She listens to the same music over and over because it is comforting and familiar and friendly. She loves Florida, but can’t figure out what is missing. She doesn’t know how to decide where to go. or what to do. or if anyone will ever join her in that big vague project anyways. She’s looking for applicants. to all of the available positions (all of them). but those applicants have to come through and actually make something happen. She is kinda a big faker. She says that she wants to make art and make community and make friends and have a boyfriend and be fearless and be the biggest businesswoman badass she can think of and dream of but she lets her fear of doing it all alone get in the way. She blames boys. She blames the economy. She blames the fact that her room is a mess. Who can make a difference when their room is a mess?

she makes art that is about memories and stories and

I am committed to making a difference in the world and making amazing friends at the same time.

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