• I cleaned up over 10 years of storage and memories-being-held-onto, making room for my next phase of my life
  • I kept in touch with over 20 friends across the country even without seeing them over the year
  • I took on exercising more regularly and feel strong(er).
  • I completed the landmark education team management leadership program part 1 and was recognized as a leader and someone who makes a difference; i stripped away a lot of the drama i put into my life. I’m not crying as much about “overwhelmed” things.
  • I have been working at different jobs/started different entrepreneurial projects to work towards financial independence in 2011
  • I’ve become a quite skilled software-tester and customer-service rep
  • I kissed 3 boys that I really liked.
  • I finally wrote a brochure about a potential art program I will do in the future, and had conversations with people outside of my “safe circle” about the feasibility and how that project could manifest
  • I was in 2 major art shows creating new original work
  • my website is (almost) done (!)
  • I started selling my artwork/ making artwork that is commercial (& paying me in theory…)
  • I made new friends in south Florida, even though they don’t “look” how i thought they would
  • I got to travel to (& visit amazing friends in) minnesota, Greensboro, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, Maine, LA, Scottsdale, Miami, New York, Orlando — learning to see myself as a confident courageous independent travellin lady.

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