two outtttta this world amazing opportunities are coming to your local Bonar Family Residency Program this “winter”:

1. Ms. Haley Morgan wins “First BFR Resident of 2011” Award!!! Exciting Collaboration set to debut second week of February. HALEY IS COMING TO FLORIDAAA!!!! Oh this makes me so happy. Here are Haley and myself graduating. Pretty hott, I know. I mean, sunny. Haley and I have worked/made art/eatten delish things/challenged ourselves together since we met at Hampshire College and she is a friend, artist, inspiration, and source of love for me. She is at once totally optimistic and totally real about a situation. Walking around with her in Northampton MA I basically felt like I was walking around with a celebrity because she knew everyone and everyone was basically in love with her.

She will be visiting in the second week of February and we are creating a project to complete while she is here during her Residency. No official yes” yet, but the plan is to do a 3-part installation/investigation/improvisation at a laundromat in West Palm Beach, curated by/connected up through the amazing woman who put together the 10×10 Exhibition.

Of course the residency won’t be complete without requisite beach research, tropical fruit eating/art making, and sketching pictures of palm trees.


wowwweee this was a long time coming. I started applying to Birthright Israel trips about a million years ago but it never quite worked out/ I never completely finished the application/ things came up/ blah blah blah. But now’s the time and I’m getting myself ready to go and…. experience things.

I’ve felt a bit strange about this whole thing: one hand being totally thankful and grateful for the opportunity to go on this expenses-paid trip across the ocean and meet amazing people and learn more about my history and heritage. On the other hand I feel very removed from it. I don’t know much anything about the current status on “what’s going on in the Middle East” and I know that I am benefiting/going on this trip out of someone deciding “this” side is right or wrong or should be doing this or something.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if I analyze it to death. I am going and I am going to enjoy it dammit. I have gotten some books to educate myself (even just a pathetic bit) before going, and I’m going to talk with my cousins and mom’s friends about what I should prepare for and look out for and soak up. I’m not very good at vacationing in the normal way really. I need to have a project or a purpose or a goal or vested interest — so I’m gonna have to do some work myself in order to get into this and figure out where I fit in all of this.

So those are the most recent off the printing press announcements!!! stay tuned for more updates.


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