questing to become a blog diva

OK dudes here we are. It’s been about 1 million years since I’ve last posted. So many updates to be had.

Here’s the deal. It’s 2011. This is going to be a momentus year. really. I’m excited and planning and putting my projects into actual structures, not just lists (please ignore the totes redic pile of (literally) over 19 post-its full of Very Important Lists sitting next to me right now).

The post directly after this one is gonna blast through the major announcements that I’ve been neglecting/ waiting to epically reveal. THEN, from here on out I will be posting at least 1x per week, with an intention for twice. Lets say, a Monday/Friday Blog Posts Promise! holy moley!!

I have become really inspired by all these amazing/adorable/heartbreakingly-seeming-to-be-living-the-dream artsy bloggy girls. (some of my fav examples so far: BRILLZ-REFASHIONING-DIVA, RV-ADVENTURE-DREAM-LADY, VINTAGE-SHOP-CUTEST-HUBBY-SCRAPBOOK-MAVEN) What inspires me most about all these amazing ladies is that they are jumping into this full force: blogging about everything, sharing themselves so fully with the world and inspiring feedback and others’ participation, just being themselves and even making money by selling ad space on their blogs (not to mention of course the totally cute photoshoots and outfits all over the place). I read about their lives and (even though I know its a bit of the glorified blogging version of their lives) I get both inspired by thinking, “hey! I could do that!” and also depressed thinking, “geeze, I’d just be one of the other 10million artsy cutesy girls. and I don’t even scrapbook. and how could this even work anyways —  I don’t have anything useful to say.”

So, I’m trying this out, slowly. I’m gonna start by posting regularly so I am count-onable and also documenting myself and what I’m up to more throughly. Then I will start revamping the blog to be more organized and less a stream of thought Aliya Barf Zone.

This blog is first and foremost an avenue to share myself with my many friends and family and future friends I haven’t met yet who are far away and want to know what I’m up to. It ideally will inspire conversation, inclusion, project making, connections, and friendships. It’s also a way to document the everyday, ephemeral art that I make which is very much a part of my practice, but hard to document or put into an application. I hope you walk away from reading this getting to know me better, and starting to look at everything you do yourself as a potential art piece/act/event/installation.

So that’s what’s up. See you on the internetz more regularly friends.



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