a brief look at the delicious end of 2010:

  • Thanksgiving was magical: we had all of my dad’s family AND all of my mom’s family in one house eating together. (AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF US ALL…. ) I am so grateful to my family for doing whatever each of you needed to do to be there and be fully there — present to everyone around us and just so loving, open, and welcoming. It was peaceful in a way I had not expected. It was filled with so much good food. Thank you thank you I love you and thank you for being a family I am soooo proud and grateful and excited to be a part of.
  • I was the IB art Examiner for 14 high school seniors at my old high school! It was really great to be talking art in a real concrete way, and asking each student to really back up what they say their art is about with what their art actually portrays. Someone asked me, “how are you going to grade them? isn’t it just your opinion?” No it isnt. It was really gratifying to talk about art in a concrete way. not good/bad, but more like, “ok, so thats what you want to be saying with your art. does the visual actually say that?” Some of the students were really great — either great work or (more interesting to me) great content in what they were saying with their work.
  • we went to disney world! crazy! I suggested it half-jokingly at thanksgiving, and my amazing uncle and cousins jumped in full force! flying all the way across the country we had an amazing packed weekend together — most often all 8 of us in a big (but not so big that everyone farting all the time wasn’t a slight downer) van (SUV?). I loved loved loved having sleepovers with my cousin Piri and riding all the rides with the cool kids club (me, my brother, and cool-kid-Tyler). I loved spending the time with everyone concentrated in one place! Dad (or me really) wasn’t even on that many phone calls! We celebrated my mom’s birthday together, and showed them how awesome South Florida (and to a lesser extent middle florida) is. One of my favorite parts of the visit was photoshoots on the beach… of course.
  • art basel! was so good this year mostly based on the fact that I made 2 new amazing friends and got to explore Miami in a new way. I met up with Juliet and her boyfriend Narooz, who live in Jacksonville FL, that afternoon, and by the evening we all were sleeping in the same queen-sized bed. The whole weekend was a wonderful web of friends — Juliet and I knew we would be friends based on both having been at Elsewhere at different times, we stayed at my friend from middle school (!) Allison’s lovely apartment, and ran into Arianne and Krystal from high school too. I loved having companions like that — we did everything together that weekend. Including seeing SO MUCH ART. went to so many art fairs. I kept thinking, “how would my art fit in here?” and while I had dismissed it at first completely (“I am so way better than this little Art Basel stuff”), I later realized I really could be a part of the show/fairs/scene and love it. Maybe next year. Regardless, loved sharing the bizarre experience that is Art Basel with really fun delightful people: left Miami with 2 new friends and a new appreciation for the art we saw that I probably wouldn’t have sought out had they not been there to encourage me.

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