VOTE NOW! blog-futures in your hands

I have often gotten the complaint that I move my blog too often. Well, this is because I have too many blog-based ideas. Spinoff Blogs you might call them.

A potential solution! Have “Regular Features” in this blog! This would also give me more reasons why I need to blog. Here is my list of potential future “Regular Features” blog posts/ blog genres. Please vote on your favorites!

  • “Thing I Made This Week” : would be a post about the best thing I made this week. Pretty solid.
  • “Pajama Outfits” : an actual blog I’ve considered starting. Pajama Outfits are the best outfits because they are comfortable and crazy; an opportunity to mix up items you would never wear outside of the house, but are awesome or sentimental just the same. A good Pajama Outfit is comfy, sexy, fun, and a delight to run around all night in and maybe even sleep in. I have a whole theory around pajamas.
  • “Great Meals” : I already talk a lot about food I make so this would be natural. maybe it should be centered on breakfast. but that might get boring for you all.
  • “Facebook Poetry” : sometimes I look at my … oh wait I can’t do this anymore. There used to be that thing in the bottom left where it showed 3 of the things you “like” at once, and the combination was always hilarious to me. some sort of poem or fortune for the day. Oh wait, I guess I could do this by going to the “info” page now. but now it’s kinda boring. anyways. it was very poetic.
  • “Work-Out Top Song of the Week” : This would be more of a section where I would post the same BeyoncĂ© song, and then you all would post new songs for me to listen to while working out.
  • “Nail Art of the Week” : finally, a home for my beautiful nail art, the most stupid and fleeting form of art making.
  • “Totally an Overshare” : where I share too much about my life on the internet! probably would usually be about how awesome the DivaCup is. This probably won’t happen – I do it enough without a section.
  • “List of the Week” : obvious. too obvious. also probs boring.
  • “Tropical Wonders” : where I make all you northerners jealz at how beautiful this tropical paradise of South Florida is!!!
  • “Totes Brillz!!” : a competition of everyone else in the world to inspire me with their totes brillz idea or thing or quote or something. You will win the honor of being featured in my totes brillz blog. (and *Extra Prizes* also featured in my world-renowned TWITTER)
  • ALSO: guest bloggers who blog on my adventures or on awesome related topics (related to… family residencies??)?

OK everyone! thoughts? votes? favs? any others you think I should add to this Regular Features list??

yell it back to me. via comments. right there, under this line. yes. there. just click on it! leave me a comment! sorta like communicating!! it’s gonna be great.



  1. sam

    these all sounds ridiculously good.

  2. PetrRailiabaigh

    I am sorry that there can not write, but when uploading photos to Proville writes error java, who can help do that ?

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