the "Washbowl" coming into focus

The Haley-Aliya collaborative duo has officially submitted an awesome kick-ass proposal for a collaborative interactive installation in West Palm Beach’s Washbowl Laundromat for this upcoming February.

“The Day to Do Your Laundry” is currently under review by the curator and laundromat owner but within the week hopefully we will have a concrete plan underway!

I’m really excited for this project — not only a collaboration with Haley (who produced this amazing community-driven-mural-project last year), but also a project in a laundromat, a project with Kara again, and a project in South Florida!!! No waiting, no holding out for later, no slowing down. Making art right here and right now.

It’s going to be beautiful, no matter how it ends up (the proposal linked to above is NOT final). Here is the sketch I made for our proposal, this part inspired by the amazing artist duo Guerra De La Paz

p.s. other reasons why this project is gonna rock? here’s what comes up when you first google “Haley Morgan“. And then this.



  1. elspeth

    i remember haley!
    your laundromat project sounds totally hilarious, fun, and super busy-making! the sketch is lovely, and doing lots and lots of laundry can be really great sometimes.
    i have a laundromat story: a couple weeks ago we had a scabies problem here and our treatment plan involved 4 ladies (including me) doing 100 people’s laundry (bedding and a week’s worth of clothes) at the local laundromat. it’s next door to a mexican restaurant so we had margaritas to start things off. we had 2 cargo vans full of giant garbage bags of laundry, and we got it done in about 7 hours by some sort of miracle of constantly-moving, laundry-juggling intense focus. there was no “down time” at all!
    i also really liked doing laundry at elsewhere, at the laundromat with the bar inside.

  2. Elspeth!! Thank you for sharing your amazing laundromat project (even if it wasn’t thought of as a “project” before you started)! That sounds epic & I like the MTV reality show quality to the whole situation.
    And yes, the bar-inside-a-laundromat was a brillz invention.

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