fabulous ladies goin’ swimming.

Today I tried on my mom’s bathing suit from 1988 (date confirmed!):

And I feel like a retro-vintage-mermaid-princess in it!!! It has the weird old fashioned bra-cup padding things that are sorta weird but fine once you put it on. Makes me want to wear bathingsuits around all day. Which I mostly can do because it’s FLORIDAAAA!! 76 degrees in January, my friends!!!

Anyways, this made me start thinking about how fabulous my mom musta been dressing back in the day (not that she doesn’t dress fabulously now… it’s just now she’s my mom.) So I took a trip back in time to the days “BEFORE KIDS” photo album…

here we have Uncle David on the left, and then Mom on the right sporting the magical mermaid suit!!! and who’s that little cutie? oh that’s me. Wish I could find that bathing suit too.

This is my mom on her honeymoon!!! she looks like a magical-princess-mermaid no matter what she’s wearing.

also, check out my mom’s totally punk rock haircut (from age 16!). YOU GO MOM!!!

Looking through these pictures I found two more inspiringly awesome and fashionable ladies: my grandmothers Arlene and Sandra. Here they are at my parent’s wedding, being raised up on a chair in celebration, being totally fabulous, and both reacting in such typical Nana and Bubbie ways. I love these ladies. Thank you all for being in my life and for being beautiful powerful self-determined and vibrant women. You have created me as the woman I am today.



Ok, just one more:: check out Mom and Nana’s MATCHING FLORAL BLOUSES!!! yesssss! this was Mom’s High School Graduation.



  1. Aw, makes me want to scan old family photos just so I can be creeped out by how much I look like my mom. Also, googling “Aliya the Awesome Friend” doesn’t reach the blog, but “Aliya the Awesome friend totes brillz” totes does.

    Awesome Friend <3s

  2. nanci (mom)

    you are amazing! I love that you did this, and you are a blessing for all of us!

  3. inancy

    Fabulously fabulous.

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