lil’ lady/big city/yeah i’m ready.

Dear Friends: I’m moving to New York City! The City of Dreams. or at least, that’s what I’m calling it right now.

I got an internship as part of the Programming Team at CreativeTime, a really amazing public art and socially engaged art non-profit organization producing really big exciting thought provoking social art in NYC and beyond. (I’ve blogged about them previously here and here (scroll down to #2) and also here — mostly about Nato Thompson who I didn’t realize at the time but he’s the Chief Curator of CreativeTime). They’ve supported some of my most admired socially engaged artist idols (to name a few) who use art as a medium for addressing big real world problems and conflicts in a personal and inspiring way. This will give me real experience and connections in producing big big events and projects, working with real artisty-social-arty-lets-make-this-happen people!

I know, this blog and this blogger has announced and then rescinded previous announcements of this sort. And while I can’t completely promise this is different, this is different. Since the new year I’ve been feeling big projects and ideas and puzzle pieces falling into place, all with ease and grace. I’ve only had one freakout-panicky crying. I’ve been in action creating that something would come through and make sense. I feel like I’m ready, and it’s time for the Bonar Family Residency to morph and pack and unpack newly. No I’m not moving my blog don’t freak out. I’m moving myself!

I’m scared! what if this isn’t the right thing? what if I’m cutting out all kinds of other opportunities? New York City is too big for Little Aliya! New York City is too expensive for Artist Aliya! What if I’m really cold? What if it’s really time to do this on my own and stop waiting for everything else to decide my life?

I’m excited! So many amazing people I love live in NYC! Not only that — but more are moving there all the dang time! And so many amazing things are happening there — all the time!!! not just that one time when randomly something cool happens! or just during December when there’s a 100 foot fake tree in the downtown ((TRUE STORY: Sam (my brother) was talking with a friend from NYC who was talking about the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. They were bragging how their tree was about 70 feet. Sam says (with true Delray Beach Pride), “Really? That’s nothing. Delray’s tree is 100 feet.” He then realizes that NYC’s tree is REAL, whereas ours is… metal and plastic. but whatevs.))! I get to live in a big real city — not forever, but for a few months! the perfect amount of time! I get to challenge myself in a new way, take it to the next level, expand to fill up this new bigger city, bigger challenge! I get to wear my delicious winter coat.

It’s time!

Time to:

  • finish projects
  • pack
  • sell/get rid of so many things
  • find a room and pay my own rent!
  • find a part time job balances great with the actual reason I’m moving…
  • make more rompers
  • practice my “being a cool biker hipster chic” skills
  • sew and alter my “i’m totally fashionable and hott 24/7” outfits
  • be a big girl grownup BusinessLady Adventurer!

Some goodbyes I’m already sad about:

  • my amazing friends and supports and coaches in the Florida-Jamaica Team Management Leadership Program who have caused me to love being in Florida this past year, and to grow up and step into my bold courageous outrageous leader self.
  • the beautiful 24/7 tropical paradise vacation that is living in South Florida. It’s so beautiful here. I never appreciated it until this year.
  • reconnecting with old friends and creating new ones; creating new relationships with old friends.
  • the awesome if not bizarre and always surprising Bonar Family Residency Refrigerator
  • being “home”: knowing the back roads, knowing the histories of each place, knowing the secrets, knowing “how it goes ’round here”
  • everyone kissing on the cheek when you meet them/see them
  • hearing Spanish everywhere I go (although I’m not sure that will totally change in NYC)
  • the snazzy glorified flair of South Florida; the fact that you can wear high-heel rhinestone encrusted flip-flops to the gym and that is normal/ok;
  • tank tops and tiny dresses in January
  • starfruit trees right in the backyard.
  • my tan… 😦
  • my parents who have been incredible cheerleaders, stern-talkers, and friends, going to movies and coffee shops, indulging in my photoshoots and bossiness, allowing their house to become a stuffed animal farm/quilted landscape construction zone, loving me and creating me as a powerful lady up to big things — seeing me only as that and not as my little whiny pathetic I’ll never make a difference self I try to be sometimes.

But before I leave (end of February) there is still so much excitement to be had here in Delray Beach at the BFR!!! Upcoming and still just as exciting (if not more):

  • having not one but TWO birthday parties in two different states!!! what a luuuuckkkyyy lady!
  • going to Israel! on Monday. omg. more later this week on that.
  • Haley’s Residency! (the original Washbowl idea has been declined. Luckily, we are going to make something even better happen)
  • Not-Fully-Confirmed Juliet’s BusinessLady(tm) Residency! where we will be performing as BusinessLadies(tm) all weekend, empowering each other in seizing our futures, filling out applications, revising artist statements, making lists, wearing blazers, and being friends.
  • completing my last quarter with the Florida-Jamaica TMLP team and beginning on the New York City team!!!

HECK YEAH, 2011!!! so far you are TOTALLY ROCKING.

I’m so excited to have you all along with me for this adventure of a magnanimous year. Let’s cross paths soon. Let’s talk on the internet and in real life. Let’s make our dreams come true.





  1. So cool. So wonderful. Thank you for being such an amazing wonderful daughter.

  2. Elizabeth

    I had to come back THREE time in order to read it all, there is so much going on here. *pant pant* WHOOOOOOO! Go team!

    Very excited. You better call me before you go to Israel or I’ll sneak kittens into your house while you’re gone!

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