24 years of galloping

Today was my 24th birthday!!! this is going to be a great great year. especially because 24 is an even number.

Tonight I had an amazing celebration with a conglomeration of high school, TMLP, seminar, middle school and coworker friends tonight — totally fun having everyone in one place, driving from as far as Miami and Orlando to come celebrate (despite the FREEZING temperatures and outside location…).

I’m looking forward to a New York celebration tomorrow night including Hampshire, Elsewhere, Casis (Elementary!!), and C3 friends!!! (wow)

I AM SO THANKFUL and excited (and really just awed) to have so many beautiful delightful inspiring empowering people in my life in so many places. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SUCH A GREAT YEAR!!

I like my birthday being at this time of year because my new year’s resolutions/goals are very much in line with my birthday goals/resolutions. I guess I didn’t share around New Years, so here are a few things I am creating in 2011/my 25th year:

  • creative empowering forwarding job(s) that support me financially and are inspiring and igniting.
  • empowering everyone around me pursuing and moving forward their passions and whatever they are committed to.
  • a big scale multi-month collaborative project that is way out of my comfort zone
  • moving somewhere new and establishing my own community there.
  • an amazing gorgeous empowering creative boyfriend
  • becoming financially independent
  • keeping in touch with friends from all over
  • developing the IFEELGREATTODAY brand: creating new fashions I love to wear and sell
  • a totally delicious strong body I love and feel super-woman-esque inside of
  • being courageous, looking people in the eye, saying things straight, being confident and self assured and a magical force.


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