off to the homeland…

tomorrow I set off for my journey to Israel!

On this trip (made possible by The Taglit-Birthright Israel organization!) I am committed to: forwarding communication across borders and barriers. I am committed to totally being in someone else’s world and immersing myself in something totally foreign but familiar at the same time.

I am excited/expecting that Israel will look a lot like this/have only camel-buses for public transportation/make me want to start eating lots of melons:

(my mom living in Israel for 6 months when she was around my age)

I’ll be taking great notes (even while putting my concerns and opinions aside) and I’ll have some amazing reports to share when I return. Look forward to some great new Hebrew/Yiddish phrases to add to your vocabulary!!

In my absence and assumed lack of internet access, you have the INCREDIBLE PRIVILEGE!! of continuing to read this blog via THREE AMAZING GUEST-BLOGGERS!!!

Please welcome and check back often (!) for the updates from Sam, Jeff, and Nanci Bonar! Together they will be giving you a new and different view of the BFR. Get excited for their posts in the next two weeks!!

See you all February 4!


ALIYA (WorldTraveler, BusinessLady(tm))



  1. eve

    i seriously am sooooo mad at myself for constantly putting off the opportunity to go on birthright. i’ve known about it for so long and told myself i’d go, but i’ll be 25 in less than 2 weeks and am dissapointed.

    have an awesome time! be safe!


  2. Elizabeth



    (I’m trying)

    (No Yiddish for rattail, as far as I can tell.)

    (Have great fun!)

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