Bonar Family Residency with and without Aliya!

Hi there – Aliya’s mom here – Nanci, filling in as guest blogger while she is away.

I was thinking of Sam’s post on how we cook at the Bonar family residency – and realized that not only do we cook a bit unusually – but we have unusual care packages to college kids as well.  Normally the care packages to college are filled with lots of goodies (which I have done, believe me!) – but yesterday I sent Sam a care package of star fruit and avocado’s from our yard!  How cool is that??!!  Sending him tropical paradise while he is in freezing Chicago blizzard!!   He will get a bit of sunshine when he opens his package!

Bonar Family Residency with and without Aliya – I have to say it is much quieter here without her around!  When she is here you really can’t miss her – she talks a lot on the phone, she plays lots of music, she has her art projects ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!  She inhabits the entire house when she is here – and I totally love it!!!  She makes lots of messes around the house, and usually cleans them up.  She makes great food – she is  part of how the inventiveness of Bonar cooking came to be.  She is always, always asking for how she can help us out!  It is never dull around here when Aliya is around – whether she is having a breakdown of some sort, or a breakthrough!  It is never dull with the outfits she creates!  She is always looking for how she can create the next thing – what is the next thing that will inspire her or others around her!

Life without her here is quieter for sure!  And neater!!  No ups and downs at the drop of a hat from some breakdown or breakthrough that happened!  So, it is quieter, neater, calmer – but I MISS HER!!!  It is a cruel trick that the universe plays on parents that when their kids get to be really fun to be around – it is time for the kids to leave!!

I think of this time when she is in Israel as our testing the waters for when she goes to NYC at the beginning of March!  Between now and then will be the final time of having kids live with us (most likely)!  So I take this short time right now (in Israel) as a respite from the craziness that I so dearly love and will very much miss when she finally leaves and goes to NYC and beyond!!!

That’s all for now folks!!  This is Aliya’s mom – Nanci – signing off!!   The photo below is a picture Aliya sent us of her breakfasts in Israel!





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  1. How nice to check in for a possible update from Aliya and get one from her mom! It was hard to have an Aliya-less Hampshire too. Good luck on your own projects and parents-only cooking adventures.

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