a sea of flags

Almost immediately upon returning from Israel the Bonar Family Residency had its First Resident of 2011!! Haley Morgan arrived to the shores of Sunny South Florida to a week of Salvadoran pupusas, flag making, beaching, eating, trivia nights, exploring, photoshooting, communication, sushi making, triangles, everglades-ing, and jumping in the pool (even though it was too cold for this floridian).

It was so great to have her in this Florida life. She reminded me to enjoy all the things around me instead of being so caught up in all the things and projects and plans I have to do. It was certainly more fun than going back to work after all that Israel-touring.

In a way it was an excuse to see all my favorite places in Florida before I leave. My favorite day was when we went to the Boys Market — a bakery/deli/specialty store out in west Delray that is notorious for ample samples, small aisles, grouchy in-a-hurry or basically-standing-still older patrons. We ordered some bakery things and they guy behind the counter threw in 2 extra chocolate ruggelah — my fav. which made up for the cannoli which haley and i decided was filled with frosting and not ricotta goodness which accounts for why i was literally on the most insane sugar rush after eating two bites REALLY. it was weird. We left The Boys with (a belly full of samples and) a picnic lunch of baggette, brie, carrots, a plum and a peach, strawberries, hummus, and sliced salami (in a moment of craziness from these two almost-vegetarians).

Haley is really the master documenter, so she documented the trip so well that I only have a few pictures myself. Here is my montage:

During her residency, Haley and I explored Delray and Flag-Making. Flag-making as a way of turning any place into a party, flag making as a way of declaring yourself in one place, flag making as a way of showing the world what you’re all about. We are all about triangles apparently. It became the theme. I think that is fitting. Triangles are forward-moving shapes. they keep the action going. They are angular and intentional and make things happen. They are both intimidating and a little scary, as well as being just cute and a harmless shape. So they are a lot like Haley and myself. Here are our totally delicious triangle crowns that I really do think we should start marketing/selling.

Would you want to purchase one for yourself? we could call them “Just Press Play” Crowns. oh haley would like that. she LOVES puns.

Haley being here was like exploring a place I already know newly. THANK YOU HALEY for this special experience of having a sleepover 5 nights in a row, for sharing yourself and your life and your art with me, and for making it a party everywhere we went, no matter what we were doing or how stressed out I made it all seem. Thanks for helping me to make my last big (art) mess in the Bonar Family Residency Program and inspiring me to just play and have fun making flags in a whole new way.



  1. Hay Mo


    Big thanks to Aliya and her family for being so generous and welcoming!

    Also, a big thank you goes out to:
    -The huge bird of prey we stumbled upon in the Everglades
    -Aliya’s rad ride for successfully delivering us to & fro
    -The baristas at The Spot who played Tune-Yards
    -Nancy Bonar for introducing me to avocado-chocolate pudding
    -The B52’s
    -The City of Delray Beach for placing electrical outlets EVERYWHERE
    -El Salvadorian food
    -The Trash-to-Treasures people for collecting, organizing and sharing their impressive and eclectic array of s t u f f
    -Babies all over the world
    -Tarot Cards
    -Tom Robbins for writing “Jitterbug Perfume”, and…
    -Aliya Rose Bonar for being one of the bestest, raddest, funnest, funniest, coolest, and most creativest gals in this entire solar system. You are a sun, a star, and a light. I love you!!!

  2. eve

    awesome 🙂

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